Guard House

Guard Houses

Par-Kut International portable steel building provides the most rugged, durable and quality-crafted guard house solutions, tailored to your specific needs. We offer a variety of guard houses including guard booths, guard shelters, guard shacks, border inspection booths, security access control checkpoints and observation towers. Built to last, Par-Kut International Guard Houses are all pre-fabricated and constructed with all welded steel and durable, low maintenance materials. We are committed to provide high quality service and products to all of our customers across the country and around the world, including government, airports, military facilities, utility plants, chemical and other private industries. Par-Kut International offers standard guard houses that can be bullet resistant, elevated, or highly portable trailer mounted. Par-Kut International even offers special security features to customize the guard booths to fit the requirements of specific locations, providing both comfort and security.

Par-Kut International Guard Houses are designed to cater to many different applications and customer requirements. With our guard house drawings and guard house designs, we will work with your specific needs to create a solution to your security shelter problem. We appreciate your input and will start by looking at a simple line sketch you send us to begin planning your guard house design. Par-Kut International is ready to start assisting you with your guard booth or guard house architecture and floor plans to complete a strong, lasting, top quality final product.

Call today to speak to one of our Par-Kut sales professionals and together, you can discuss which guard house design best suits your location’s security level, budget, and other specific needs.

While speaking with a Par-Kut sales professional about your guard house or prefabricated guard house, it is important to identify the city and state of where your guard booth will be installed, as there are various codes that regulate all types of factory assembled structures. Prefabricated guard booths can also be amortized for tax purposes, so check with your accounting department to see which options for recording are best for your company.

Within a short time, you can receive a quotation for most guard booths or a guard shack catered to your situation and requirements.Par-Kut International will work with you to outline a budget price and package plan for the guard house best tailored for your needs. Par-Kut International guarantees customer satisfaction with our guard houses, ensuring a service life unmatched by any competitor or “stick-built” structure.