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As the name Par-Kut International suggests, the parking industry was the core for Par-Kut’s early business success. At that time, back in the  1950’s, the company was building “Parking Lot Huts”, hence the name Par-Kut. Since then, a Par-Kut parking booth has continued to provide the most durable and attractive protection for parking attendants. Manufactured one at a time – beginning with welded, galvanized steel construction, rugged Par-Kut parking booths outlast other steel, wood or aluminum parking booths – in any environment. It’s not surprising that Par-Kut booths are favored by today’s parking industry professional, especially when factoring life cycle costing. Typical life spans for our parking cashier booths are 20 to 30 years!

In addition to our popular standard features, Par-Kut portable parking buildings and attendant booths may be modified according to customer specification – often designed to complement existing architecture. Design considerations for parking lot booths also include ADA compliance and/or restroom accommodations for extended occupancy. Ticket booths, cashier booths and portable offices may also be manufactured with bullet resistant construction. Par-Kut options include many features specific to the parking industry – such as cashier windows and drawers, floor safes, security screens, preps for field installed revenue controls, lane control lights and directional signage.

Par-Kut International knows the parking industry. We’ve helped to provide safe, comfortable, efficient and attractive parking booths, lot and garage offices for nearly 60 years!