Ticket Booth

Ticket Booth

Where/when do people use ticket booths?

  • Sporting Events
    • High school
    • College
    • Pro level
    • Other
  • (Control Admission To)
    • Amusements parks
    • Fairs
    • Entertainment venues
    • Arenas
  • Entrance Station Booths At
    • Visitor parking lots
    • Campgrounds
    • State, county & local parks
    • Marinas & boat launches

Elements that make a portable building a ticket booth:

  • Size, layout & location.
  • Signage
  • Means for making transactions (i.e., sliding windows, cash drawers, etc.).
  • Convenience for customers to allow for rapid exchange comfortably (shelves for walk up customers, lighting for night time, well planned arrangements for interactions).
  • Intelligent, courteous & well trained attendant.
  • Well equipped position includes all supplies, tickets, maps, brochures.
  • Climate controlled & well kept booth promotes positive image.
  • Design of ticket booth meshes with overall theme of the facility via architectural details, glass and/or roof line. At minimum, match paint color.

For more information about ticket booths, Par-Kut can assist you.